Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Calling for a Gun Smith

This is what the Sovereign Lord has to say to his humble servant, who is part of the SteelWorkers union:

"According to the people in authority over you, you are a SteelWorker.  However, you are working for the world, and not for me.  I am calling you out of the position in the world that you have, the position that you think is so prosperous.  But it is not prosperous.  If you work in this trade, in that deep dark pit, it will rob you of the freshness of your breath, your family will fade from your life over time, putting you in a deep despair and loneliness that only your family, and the church, can provide.
You are letting your passion die.  You spoke out in confidence at one time that you were going to be a machinist, and you spoke it to the powers that be.  However, you have not been following in this passion.  You have been running away from your calling."

This is what the Sovereign Lord has to say to his humble servant, who is part of the SteelWorkers union:

"You have been given a gift, a talent, and you are burying it in the ground!  I blessed you with incredible gifts and abilities, but your bitterness, and lack of vulnerability has caused you to keep these to yourself, and not let others know.  So you are finding yourself longing for more of them, but unsure of how to do it.  If you will just but follow my calling for your life, you will have more time with your family, you will be blessed beyond compare - financially, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and mentally.  Take the leap of faith, and just see how I will make that grow.  You must plant the seed, and I will water it and make it grow.  The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Who will go for me?

This is what the Sovereign Lord has to say to his humble servant, who is part of the SteelWorkers union:

"Would you leave your job for my sake and for the sake of my kingdom, and come and follow my ways?  Would you hand over your pipe-dreams for the things that I have in store for you?  Right now your lathe is sitting idle, your tool orders are getting all mixed up, and you have no time to dedicate to your passion and your talent.  BECAUSE I AM STANDING IN YOUR WAY!!!  You will keep running into an snare, until you choose to follow me.  Choose freedom, by choosing to submit to my perfect will."

This is what the Sovereign Lord has to say to his humble servant, who is part of the SteelWorkers union:

"This is what it will look like:

You will start your own business, carrying on in your Father's business, making guns to your heart's content.  You will build an underground firing range, at your father's shop, with a shop above it for custom milling.

Your younger brother is to further on in your original father's business, keeping the family calm, encouraged and steady.  His spirit has a serving spirit, positive and encouraging and steadfast to the Kingdom of God.  He is the one that will keep you all grounded as a family.
His wife is beautiful, and has an eye and a passion for calling out and bringing out the beauty of a woman.  There are so many women who have awful self image, and by following My call, she will grow and enrich the community she is in.  She is to manage a spa out of the basement of your parents home.  It is not finished, but is meant to be a spa and retreat center for Christian women, and an outreach for ministering to women.

Your next older brother is called to partner with you, as he is wise in business, and has so much experience consulting and providing direction.  He is very wise, and has very strong opinions, that if they are voiced in My presence, he will have the divine knowledge and know-how to follow after My Holy Spirit.  He has the know-how to apply for business loans, make wise financial decisions, and has blessing in his life because of his ability to manage money.  But right now he is chasing after how the world makes money, by bringing up pollution from inside the earth.  He will make more money, and be blessed beyond imagination if he will just heed my call, return to his family, and apply the giftings that he has - for his family's sake, and for the sake of My Kingdom.  Then he will have the money and the blessing to reach into the inner city.  The money that his business brings in, is to be tithed on, to his brother in Christ's ministry.

Your eldest brother is called into full time ministry.  He is to go where I say, and to do what I tell him to do.  He is to spend time in prayer, routinely cleansing his body through fasting, so that his mind and spirit are clear to follow after my precepts.  He is not to work, but is to inspire others to follow after Christ.  He is to reach out to the poor and needy in the heart of the city.  He can not do this with all of his energy and passion, if he is working at the same time.  He is the voice crying out in the wilderness crying, "Prepare for the coming of the Lord, for He is coming sooner than you think, and you must repent from your sins, and come and know the calling that the Lord has for each of my precious ones.  He does not want to lose a single person to the consequences of living in sin."  That is why he must meet with families in their homes.  The funding for his ministry and living expenses are to come from the tithing of the business that you and your brother are to run together.  In this way you will be fulfilling my will for your brother's calling.  He needs your help, as you are all part of one body, and one cannot say to another one that they don't need the other one.  Each brother needs each brother.  Each wife needs strong Christian women surrounding them, so they encourage each other to be good wives for their husbands, and mothers to their children.

Your mother is to teach the younger women in your family, who are all living in the same land, how to love their husbands, and their children.  She is to lead and guide and equip her family with the wisdom that I have given her over the course of her life.  I intend to use every good word that she says, and every good deed that she does.  She has a gift for hosting people in her home, and she is called to minister to her neighbours.  She is to minister to her neighbours, and her new neighbours - her children, and the people that they bring into their family.

Your next older brother's wife is to reach out and listen to the broken places in peoples' lives.  She has a strength and endurance like no other person on the planet.  She is unique and very precious.  She sees ailments of the soul, brokenness of the spirit, and tries to fix it using wisdom.  If she relies on My wisdom and prays for my counsel of what to say to a person's soul, I will grant her the ability to heal peoples' hearts through conversation and words, for My glory and kingdom!  This is her God given ministry.  She is to connect with people by opening up a custom cake bakery on your parents land.  Rich people who are still just as broken as poor people need me.  They throw huge parties and birthday parties for their children.  There is a demand for this.  And Chelsea and her can partner, as Chelsea has the gift to identify good baking, and quality products!  She knows a good deal, and a good product when she sees it.  She can help Nicole bake the best products, and sell them to the market.

Your father is to provide wisdom and counsel to his sons.  He is a wise man, who has learnt from his mistakes and has a passion and a drive for raising a good family.  He is to counsel his sons, challenge his daughters, and love his grandchildren as the good father that he is.  He is to show his sons how to be good fathers with their son, as he shares his wisdom on what being a good father is for them, and instructing them in righteousness.

And you my children know what your calling is to be, for I have met with you one on one, but now I am telling you these things in the presence of many witnesses, your family, My church, My Bride.  I am calling for My Bride, and that means you!  I love you dearly, and I'll meet with you anytime you come to me.  Anytime you come into my presence in prayer and petition for your passions, I will give you good things.  I will not give you poison when you crave pure spiritual milk.  Listen, and heed My words, for they will bring you life more abundantly, and overflowing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  You will recognize my perfect word when you read my Word, as it was recorded by the prophets, the Messiah, the leaders of My church, and now the Spirit that resonates within you.  Live a life worthy of your calling.  Because I'm with you every step of the way.  My rod and my staff will comfort you.  I will guide you beside still waters.  I will lay you down in green pastures.  I will restore your very souls, for My Names' sake.  Even WHEN you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you need not fear anything, for I am with you.  I will prepare a FEAST and a PARTY for you, in the presence of those who oppose you.   And you can always dwell in My big house, in My presence, forever and ever."

So I wrote all this out, when the Lord told me, so that I may be accountable to seeing the good work through to completion.  I wrote it all out so that we would seek the Lord's guidance in completing His will, through prayer and supplication.  I wrote it all out so we can pray and seek the Lord's direction as a family.  I wrote it all out so that my husband can follow his passion and calling, and inspire his family to do so as well.

And the Spirit of the Lord came to me, saying all of what you've read before you, because:

"Allan is to be My mouthpiece, speaking his mind in freedom and truth, and you are to be his heart urging him on to do what I have created him to do, and to encourage others by speaking into their lives one on one."

Amen (may the Lord's will be done).

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Put Together and Torn Apart

If I could wander away
How come I have to "run" back
To Your presence
Where Your love had abounded?
It was so easy to go astray
Didn't know it was another way
To-wards loneliness
Where your love was not founded.

But I caught myself alone
In a fortress made of stone
That I'd built around my very heart
And it blinded up my eyes
Yes, it lived under the guise
Of a soul all put together and torn apart

Could not crawl out of that pit
While having a hissy fit
Feeling sorry for myself
Wasn't   getting me anywhere.
So I took life by the bridle,
Said, "No longer will I be idle
And blame the world for all the hurt -
Not owning up for my own share."

Then He brought me to His throne
And said, "Welcome, child, back home.
You never have to leave unless you want to."
He put His hands upon my eyes
And removed that old disguise.
My sinner soul and His melted together.