Saturday, 30 June 2012

Put Together and Torn Apart

If I could wander away
How come I have to "run" back
To Your presence
Where Your love had abounded?
It was so easy to go astray
Didn't know it was another way
To-wards loneliness
Where your love was not founded.

But I caught myself alone
In a fortress made of stone
That I'd built around my very heart
And it blinded up my eyes
Yes, it lived under the guise
Of a soul all put together and torn apart

Could not crawl out of that pit
While having a hissy fit
Feeling sorry for myself
Wasn't   getting me anywhere.
So I took life by the bridle,
Said, "No longer will I be idle
And blame the world for all the hurt -
Not owning up for my own share."

Then He brought me to His throne
And said, "Welcome, child, back home.
You never have to leave unless you want to."
He put His hands upon my eyes
And removed that old disguise.
My sinner soul and His melted together.